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What People Say....

"The best brownies ever. So dense, yet soft when you bite in, delicious and just perfect. I’ve just ordered for a gift and will definitely order again."


                                      Karlene B.

"I work at Evan’s Deli in Marblehead and we sell your brownies like crazy! You picked the perfect name. They have been a HUGE hit!"

                                         Jen C.

"These brownies ARE wicked awesome…and perfect  with a glass of milk! The ladies at Marblehead Animal Hospital are very grateful for the chocolate kick to get through our day!"


                              Charlotte M.

"Just had 6 dozen brownies delivered to our law firm. Gone in minutes. It was great that they were individually wrapped. Can’t wait to do this again!"


                                           Josh O.

"We're pretty fussy about our brownies and these were fabulous. Even better, cold from the fridge."     

                                Jennifer D.

"My Mom liked the brownies that I sent her so much she is sending some to my sister for her 60th birthday."


                                                                           Marty F.

"OMG...Best brownies I have ever had!! I couldn't stop eating them!" 

                                  Lisa M.

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