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Lisa Machado

OMG…Best brownies I have ever had!!! I couldn’t stop eating them!!!

Karlene Ball

My coworkers loved the brownies!  I’d post a pic, but it would just be crumbs, actually, no crumbs either.  Thank you!

Ben Molin

These brownies are indeed wicked awesome. I don’t know how they do it.

Wendy Shapiro Webber

Delicious yummy, chewy, decadent brownies. I shared MY dozen with my family today. Everyone thought they were the best ever!!!!

Janet Lenehan Lothrop

Best brownies I have ever tasted! You need to try these brownies - you will be amazed!!

In October of 2018 Wicked Awesome Brownie was featured in the swag bag at the Women in Retail Leadership Summit in New York City. The Women in Retail Leadership Summit enables women in leadership positions at retailers and brands to network, learn from each other, and find inspiration to conquer challenges in their professional lives.

Wicked Awesome Brownie is excited to support and be associated with such successful and accomplished women. Some of the women reached out with words of encouragement:

Dawn R. WHYZ Consulting

I’m a Southerner and this is the best damn brownie I’ve ever put in my mouth!

Elena M. Lilly Pulitzer

Crispy outside, chewy inside, dee-lish

Patti H. Platinum Circle Partners

Delectable, Best Brownie ever! Our children who are finicky eaters can’t get enough and want them in their lunch everyday!

Donna B. Belardi Wong

Amazing, Awesome, truly!